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LivingImage was established in March 2007 to propose new ways to enjoy digital images and new lifestyles. The company consists of engineers, creators and marketers. Specialists in each field participate in this endeavor to create a new lifestyle together. Now, the environment surrounding digital images are changing rapidly. We are able to capture digital images by using various media. Moreover, media for viewing digital images have expanded into blogs, social networking services, and E-mails. We are also able to see various types of moving images and movies on the Internet. At such times of change, we need to recapture and rebuild notions of how new technology and new lifestyles should be, and we wish to do express that through different viewpoints contributed by our engineers, creative people and marketing experts.

We truly hope that images will enrich scenes from your daily lives.

With the keyword to "play images," LivingImage will propose a new lifestyle for digital images.